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Customer Stories

What clients say about financing with Meridian OneCap

August 23, 2022

In the world of financing, the highest praise is received unsolicited from business clients. Here are a few of ours:

1. Atlantic Powertrain

“You can have one great partnership with the right people. And it can have an incredible impact on your business success. That’s the Meridian way.”
– Chris Dunn, President Atlantic Powertrain & Equipment

Based in Newfoundland, Atlantic Powertrain & Equipment offers an extensive line of heavy equipment, engines, vehicles, parts, and accessories. Atlantic’s brands include Yanmar, Link-Belt, Topa, and BWS–all icons in the heavy equipment world. Atlantic customers extend throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, and they include construction companies, municipalities, and government agencies. Atlantic Powertrain brings customers more productivity, growth and efficiency.

In turn, Meridian OneCap financing helps Atlantic Powertrain boost customer satisfaction, retention, and service. Customer benefits enabled by Meridian OneCap include:

·      Greater cash flow

·      Preserved capital and credit lines

·      Payment terms matched to customer budgets and expected asset life 

2. Automation One

“Our firm has been a client of Meridian OneCap since 1998. During that time we have shifted the majority of our leasing portfolio to Meridian OneCap because of their value-added services. The level of professionalism shown by their account manager and support staff has been unparalleled.”
– John Achtem, President Automation One Business Systems Inc.

Locally owned and operated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Automation One specializes in commercial, business, and office printing equipment. Their world-class product line includes a full range of printers (including multifunction, production, large format, and office models) as well as mailing machines and scanners.

For businesses like Automation One, Meridian OneCap financing enables an easy answer to customer questions about cost. Our financing also helps overcome objections, increase sales. and foster long-term relationships.

Other benefits of Meridian OneCap financing include: 

·      Higher transaction values

·      Better closing ratios

·      Shorter sales cycles

·      Quick payments 

·      Easier processing 

3. Regional Tractor Sales Ltd.

“Meridian OneCap: What an organization! The knowledgeable sales staff look after all parts of the transaction. The Floorplan Team is also top-notch and helpful. I recommend Meridian OneCap before any other company as the first choice to all customers – for both new and used equipment. Experience it: Meridian OneCap." 
– John Hepburn, Vice President and Sales Manager Regional Tractor Sales Ltd.

Contemporary agriculture faces serious challenges, such as increased drought, limited water, and altered growing seasons. Global food demand has reached new heights. Even in North America, there is growing awareness of the critical role agriculture plays in maintaining national security.

At the same time, the cost of farm equipment needed to maximize ag productivity grows ever higher. A single large tractor may cost well over 250,000 CDN. Other necessary farm equipment includes combine harvesters, air seeders, threshers, sprayers, mowers, and balers. 

In short order, the capital needed to equip an efficient modern farm operation can easily exceed 5,000,000 CDN.

Meridian OneCap helps build the future of agriculture and construction. Our financing plans, available from major suppliers such as Regional Tractor and others, help farming and construction enterprises afford necessary equipment when they need it – without tapping into capital reserves.

In addition, customers can work with Meridian OneCap specialists to form the most efficient, customized equipment finance plans – without requiring cash down payments. It’s yet another reason that 80 percent of all businesses choose leasing as their first choice for new equipment acquisition.


No matter how great the challenges you face or how specialized your field, chances are excellent that Meridian OneCap financing services can support your business in a number of ways.

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