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Vendor finance programs


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A powerful, win-win sales tool

It’s true. Offering a convenient, practical way to pay for your equipment benefits everyone at the table. Equipment financing enables your customers to acquire the equipment they need now and pay for it over time, which increases their buying power and your opportunity to sell more, more profitably.

With unparalleled service and decades of industry expertise, Meridian OneCap can help you become the trusted source for reliable capital and customized payment solutions.

Benefits for you

Providing your customers with an easy answer to the cost question removes the “maybe” objection, which improves closing ratios and shortens the sales cycle.

  • Increase transaction sizes, retain margins
  • Enjoy quick credit decisions, simplified processing, and prompt repayments
  • Leverage nationwide training and sales support

Benefits for your customers

When your equipment solution includes flexible financing with fixed payments, your customers can focus on the value of the equipment, not its price.

  • Enhance cash flow and preserve capital with 100% financing
  • Match payment terms to budget and expected life of the assets
  • Bundle soft costs like delivery and installation into one payment plan

Equipment types

  • Machine tool 

  • Manufacturing 

  • Agricultural 

  • Medical 

  • Lawn care and golf course 

  • Woodworking 

  • Technology systems

  • Fitness 

  • Point-of-sale systems

  • Audio/visual 

  • Automotive 

  • Communication

  • Construction

  • Industrial

  • Material-handling 

  • Transportation

  • Business and office 

  • Waste management

Ready to get started?

Let’s talk about your financing and/or leasing needs. Simply submit a request with the details and our expert team will be in touch to help you with anything you need.
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