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Financial Resilience Score for Business

August 19, 2022

For a business, financial resilience means that you can confidently manage your day-to-day activities, plan for future growth and transformation, handle unexpected challenges, and pursue opportunities as they arise. Financial resilience goes beyond the numbers in your accounts, encompassing how you feel about your business, your capabilities, and the future of your industry.

Get your Financial Resilience Score for Business to benchmark where you currently stand and learn how to improve. It’s the perfect way to stress less and feel more confident. You can also benchmark your resilience against similar businesses to see how you compare.

Plus, it’s easy. Answer 12 questions in three key areas: financial management, accessing capital and planning. We’ll tell you how you’re doing in each area and offer personalized suggestions for your business based on your answers.

You can do the survey as many times as you want and get a copy of your results each time to track how your score changes. 


This product leverages the Small Business Financial Health Framework from Financial Health Network.

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