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Customized finance products and programs for equipment dealers and manufacturers

It’s true. Sales representatives that use leasing have a higher close ratio. Meridian OneCap is the equipment leasing specialist in Canada, giving you a single, trusted funding source for your equipment transactions.

What do we mean by customized? It’s financing that fits your industry, your equipment and – above all – your customers. All of our products and programs feature competitive rates, timely approvals, secure processing, flexible payment plans and exemplary customer service.

Our focus on establishing financing programs within targeted equipment markets enables us to provide comprehensive and knowledgeable support every step of the way.

Strong customer relationships

Meridian OneCap is in the financial services business. Beyond our financial capabilities, we believe our service must be second to none. At Meridian OneCap we place very high standards on ourselves.

We don’t just look to providing a service; we look to make a true contribution to our customers’ business. It is with this objective in mind that we approach our customers’ endeavors and how we strengthen our customer relationships. Ultimately, our strength is in the value of our customer relationships.

Our People

Our industry has transitioned to one governed by credit scoring systems and computerized financial analysis. While we believe that technology is a major component of our of business, we place a higher value on personal service. As a result, our technology initiatives complement our business strategy and we place people above all as our most cherished resource.

Our people are the best there is in the leasing business and our service will prove it.

Our Service Philosophy

One of the key strategic decisions we made in structuring our company was to locate experienced Account Managers & Credit officers across the country rather than relying on one centralized clearing house.

Canada is, after all, a large and diverse nation, with varying regional economic trends and cycles.

We thought it was important to consider those in working with our customers and to take the time to understand both their business and the local conditions in which they operate. For that reason, we have established full service offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.

We also made the decision to embrace quality people as well as technology. We still believe that good old-fashioned person-to-person relationships are the most beneficial to our customers. Find out how customized finance products and programs can help you.