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National accounts at Meridian OneCap

Our National Accounts team designs programs that are specialized for manufacturers, distributors and national dealers from coast to coast. Our team will help you design a program to capture the Canadian market by providing comprehensive retail, rental and floorplan financing and leasing across Canada. The combination of great program management and local support provides a competitive advantage that will differentiate you in the Canadian market.



Meridian assists manufacturers, resellers and distributors to achieve their goals by providing comprehensive retail and floorplan finance programs.



Meridian supports vendors and dealers by learning their industry and creating unique finance products to help them achieve their goals.



Well-designed finance programs allow customers to acquire the equipment they need to get the job done.

Program offerings

  • Consistent program management across the country
  • Supported by local or centralized account management
  • Regular rate programs
  • Low APR programs
  • Shared opportunity programs
  • Retail programs that pull inventory through the channels